Urban-Class & Spring Chic👑

Being a fashion stylist, I’ve come to a realization that people have so many great articles of clothing in their closets. They just don’t know how to put it together. Below you will see a young lady by the name of, Rayne Guerra. I stepped into her Kloset, picked some things out, out it together, & it was way out of her comfort zone. She rocked it though, right?! #KlarkesKloset






Divine Faces

I was honored to be the photographer of the Divine Faces photoshoot. The makeup artist, Franchesca Hines, is the owner and artist for this look. The model used in this photo is Jonae Kelly. Book her for your next appointment via email: Franhines109@yahoo.com or via phone 8325746424




4 Classy Sunglasses for Your Super Stylish Man

Hello WordPress family! Check out the article written below by Kristen Kauffman along with Alicia Batucan for the site http://www.AllBrandsGlasses.com
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Okay, ladies, we know that sometimes men need help with fashion. Sometimes we’re ready for date night, we feel fun and flirty in a bouncy dress, we dash out into the living room and your man says, “Wow, you look awesome. Is it okay if I wear this?” He’s wearing cargo shorts with paint stains on them and a button-up, short-sleeved plaid cotton shirt. Maybe after enough date nights, you’ve trained him to be conscious of what he wears, but sometimes it works in baby steps. If the baby step you’re working on right now is sunglasses, here are some really great classy sunglasses to get your man looking great no matter what outdoor event you’re headed off to.

1. Aviators


You’ll find that aviators are probably the easiest sunglasses to select for most face-shapes. Some guys don’t like to wear aviators because they have some idea of the kind of guys that wear them, but in all reality, aviators look every face shape look great, and they make your man’s fashion sense look updated. If your man is more reserved and subtle, then you can select gold-toned wire frames like these Ray Ban’s aviators, or your man is bolder and ready for more of a fashion statement, then try out these plastic-framed Carrerra Speedway aviators.
2. Retro-Look


The 80’s and 90’s are back, my friends, like it or not. If your gent is the type that loves a flashback to a different time or if he likes to be on the cutting edge of “rad” fashion, check out these wrap-around frames from Prada. Even though Back to the Future 2 intended to flash us forward, we can still flash back to 80’s and 90’s fashion faster than you can get into a Delorian.

3. Vintage-Look


If you’re looking to go a little further back than the 80’s and 90’s retro look, think mid-century frames –like these iconic glasses from Truman Capote. Now companies such as Ray Ban and Polo have brought back some really similar shapes so that your man can look mid-century-stylish. Here’s a great tip that will help select the right pair: if your man is more traditional, select black or tortoise-shell frames. If your man is a little edgier and is willing to try something a little different, try selecting a frame that is a different color, like navy blue, plum, or sage green. This will keep the original vintage look but add a contemporary flair.

4. Simple


Your guy is simple. Got it. He doesn’t like frills, he doesn’t do edgy, and he doesn’t want anything that is going to look outdated in only five months. He wants something simple that he can go backpacking with or something that he can go rock climbing with without worrying that his expensive frames are going to be scratched, damaged, or lost. If this is your guy, Tag Heuer is your man. The sides of the glasses (sometimes called Temples and sometimes called Arms) are curved inward with the intention of staying on the head a bit better. Several of the lenses are polarized so that they’re ideal for active, outdoor wear, and most styles include wide lenses to protect your eye as much as possible with sporty design. While they may be more sport than posh, they’ll keep your man happy.

About Author:
Kristen Kauffman is fashion writer and blogger, and has written nationally-accredited blogs on style trends, products, and weddings. Located in Prescott, Arizona, most blogs make fashion simple, affordable, and accessible.

Another Happy Customer!

Shopping session with my client, Alycia Garza, was fun & successful. All of the pieces seen in this photo were from the retail store, Francesca’s.
Below you will see one of the outfits that were selected today, styled by me of course. Mix n Match! Enjoy!
Klarke. 👑